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The Department of Economics carries out teaching, research and consulting activities, in collaboration with national and international institutions.

The teaching activities aim at training students in line with the highest standards of national and international universities. The Department offers five courses, two three-year Bachelor degree courses and three two-year Master degree courses, all designed to satisfy the demand for skills for the continuation of academic studies and for the development of professional careers.

Research activities focus on different areas with a strong multidisciplinary approach, including both theoretical and empirical analyses applied to the main topics of the economic debate. Topics as applied economics, development theories, economic theory, environmental and resource economics and management, financial markets, inequality and distribution, innovation and technological trajectories, international trade and global supply chains, labour market dynamics, management of culture and creative economy are among the issues developed through national and international projects. The Department promotes interdisciplinarity as a defining feature of its scientific and educational contribution, integrating economics with research contributions by computer science, law, mathematics, and statistics, developing projects to fully meet national and international quality criteria, and combining in-depth theoretical analysis with quantitative applications. Advanced teaching courses are organized as fully integrated with research activities in laboratories and applied works, providing students with all the necessary tools to facilitate their entry into the labour market.

Consulting activities and cooperation with local and national firms and institutions aim at integrating the research and teaching activities into the society as an essential means for the modernization and competitiveness of the country. These activities include knowledge dissemination and technology transfer, job placement, cultural and social engagement activities, together with assistance activities for policy makers at different territorial levels. The Department is also active in institutional relations with the professional world, organizing support activities for the introduction of students into work experiences, engaging stakeholders in regular events such as job career days, pursuing relations with schools and engaging institutions through forums, meetings, seminars and workshops.

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Marco Pagliai 19 March 2024