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The mission of the Department of Economics is to host a community of scholars specialized in research activities on several theoretical and applied economics issues with aimage 84784 strong multidisciplinary approach developed by the intersection between economics, law, public administration studies, as well as computer science, mathematics and statistics. The Department promotes and encourages students to develop interdisciplinary knowledge and skills as a key asset for a scientifically-based advanced educational attainment.

The Department of Economics aims to develop research projects which conform to national and international standards by combining theoretical analysis with an understanding of practical implications. Such aims are designed to provide students with the opportunity to acquire a research-based education, helping them to develop all the required instruments for a successful job application, and designing a diversified portfolio of competences to fulfil the demanded skills by companies and public and private institutions operating locally and in national and international contexts.

The Department acknowledges that the educational policies should meet the needs of all parties involved into knowledge creation (lecturers, professors, support staff, ongoing and graduated students, and external stakeholders) and be compliant with to the highest national and international academic standards. The teaching approach is designed to promote professional formation through the close integration of research activities and findings with the subjects taught in all courses.

All courses provided by the Department are based on multiple teaching modes and platforms, enabling students to constantly upgrade their competences along the whole academic career participating at team building and practical laboratory activities, group project works and interdisciplinary practical experiences. The available degrees are:

Bachelor degree in Economics

Bachelor degree in Economics and data science

Master degree in Economics – Link identifier #identifier__190853-1Double degree EPOG with Université Paris 13 Sorbonne

Master degree in Environmental Economics, Labour and Sustainable Development – Link identifier #identifier__199004-2Double degree in Global Development  with Gustave Eiffel University


The Department provides a support service in collaboration with business representatives and stakeholders to help graduates positioning as top applicants in the marketplace.

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Marco Pagliai 19 March 2024