• Consumption and saving under uncertainty, prof. Gaetano Bloise (12 h)
  • Real Business Cycle and the New Keynesian approach, prof. Francesco Giuli (12 h)
  • Link identifier #identifier__140663-2The Economics of Aggregate Demand, prof.ssa Antonella Palumbo and prof. Attilio Trezzini (20 h)
  • International risk-sharing and financial integration, prof. Eleonora Pierucci (8 h)
  • Link identifier #identifier__11142-3Economic Growth, prof. Luca Spinesi and prof. Mario Tirelli (20 h)
  • Some empirical problems of mainstream interpretations of the business cycle and alternative interpretations, prof. Antonella Stirati (5 h)

Microeconomics (Link identifier #identifier__188780-4Syllabus >>)

  • The classical and the neoclassical approach, prof. Roberto Ciccone (6 h)
  • Neoclassical theory: production and income distribution, prof. Saverio Maria Fratini (18 h)
  • Production, price system and income distribution theories, prof. Roberto Ciccone and prof. Enrico Sergio Levrero (12 h)
  • Neoclassical theory: consumption choices and pure exchange equilibrium, prof. Paolo Trabucchi and dott.ssa Daria Pignalosa (36 h)


Statistical Methods for Economics (Link identifier #identifier__133305-5Syllabus >>)

  • Statistical methods for econometrics and multivariate analysis, prof. Alessia Naccarato (30 h)
  • Applied econometrics with R, dott. Davide Zurlo (14 h)

Applied Economics (Link identifier #identifier__122367-6Syllabus >>)

  • Applied economics (STATA), prof. Giorgio D’Agostino (30 h)

Mathematics (Link identifier #identifier__22023-7Syllabus >>)

  • prof. Loretta Mastroeni (70 h)

Scientific communication (Link identifier #identifier__133203-8Syllabus >>)

  • prof. Antonio Vezzani (16 h)

Evidence and methodologies in empirical banking (Link identifier #identifier__114167-9Syllabus >>)

  • prof. Alberto Franco Pozzolo (20 h)

PhD students will have the opportunity to participate in advanced training courses organised by the Department or its affiliated research centres in collaboration with other institutions:

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Marco Sforza 10 March 2022