• Stefania Fontana
    “Anti-Mafia Policies and Public Goods in Italy”,
    European Public Choice Society Annual Meeting, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal, 11-14 April 2022
  • Riccardo Zolea
    – “A functional analysis of the banking industry”,
    — 13th Annual PKES PhD Student Conference, Greenwich, 13 Maggio 2022
    STOREP 2022 Annual Conference: “Economics and the Economic System: The Ecological Transition”, Viterbo, 28 maggio 2022
    – “I ‘fan token’ tra diritto, nuove tecnologie e finanza”, Convegno “Nuove tecnologie tra libertà e diritti: incognite e potenzialità”, Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza – Università di Macerata, 6 Maggio 2022


  • Stefania Fontana
    – “The grip of organized crime on local public spending: is the dissolution of municipal councils effective?
        European Public Choice Society Annual Meeting, Online Event, 21-22 Aprile 2021
    – “Law Enforcement against Organized Crime and Local Public Services. Evidence from Southern Italy
    62ª Riunione Scientifica Annuale SIE, Sessione “Law & Economics”, 26-29 Ottobre 2021
  • Michele Masulli
    Resilience taxonomy of Italian industrial districts
    Rethinking Clusters,
    IV International Conference on Cluster Research, Online Event, 22-23 Settembre 2021
  • Marco Sforza
    Building IT Capabilities: which role for ownership and management? An empirical assessment using Italian firms’ microdata
    62ª Riunione Scientifica Annuale SIE, Sessione “Firms and Technology”, 26-29 Ottobre 2021
  • Riccardo Zolea
    The relation between interest rate and profit rate: the role of bank profitability in an endogenous money framework
    Post-Keynesian economics and macroeconomic modelling, Online webinar series,17-24 Giugno 2021


  • Maria Cristina Barbieri Goes
    Personal income distribution, taxation and financial features in the Sraffian (Hyper)multiplier model: why fiscal and distributive policies should rule the game
    46th Annual Conference of the Eastern Economic Association, Boston, USA
  • Stefania Fontana
    Breaking the tie between mafia and politics. An evaluation of Italian 90’s anti-mafia policies
    61ª Riunione Scientifica Annuale SIE, 20-23 Ottobre 2020
  • Riccardo Zolea
    The relation between interest rate and profit rate: the role of bank profitability
    – YSI Pre-Conference @ STOREP 2020 “The Power of Economic Ideas”, 29 Settembre 2020.
    – Pluralism and Global South perspectives in economics – YSI @ AHE conf. 2020, YSI Webinar: Heterodox Approaches to Finance, 29 Luglio 2020.


  • Cristina Vaquero Pineiro
    Local embeddedness of productions and local development: Geographical Indications in Italy
    – EAAE European Association of Agricultural Economists, 10-12 ottobre 2019, Matera
    – AIRse XL Annual Conference, 16-18 settembre 2019, L’Aquila
    – AIEEA 8th Annual Conference, 13-14 giugno 2019, Pistoia


  • Nicola Caravaggio
    Economic Growth and the Forest Development Path: A re-assessment of the Environmental Kuznets Curve for Deforestation
    – 4th FLARE annual meeting, University of Copenaghen, Danimarca, 17 Settembre 2018
    – PhD & Early Career Academy 2018, Dept. of Economics and Management, University of Ferrara, Ottobre 2018
    – 30th EAEPE annual conference, University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France, 6-8 Settembre 2018
    – (Poster session) 6th IAERE annual conference, University of Turin, 15-16 Febbraio 2018
  • Lorenzo Di Domenico
    From monetary circuit to demand-led growth theory: endogenous money, business cycle and growth in AB-SFC model with evolutionary pricing
    Poznan Summer School in Heterodox Economics, Poznan University of Economics and Business, 15 Settembre 2018
  • Elena Grimaccia
    Economic and social factors of Food insecurity: a study of individual vulnerability at global level
    AIEAA Conference, Conegliano (TV), 14 Giugno 2018
  • Federica Cappelli
    6th IAERE annual conference, University of Turin, 15 – 16 Febbraio 2018
    Climate Change, Armed Conflicts and Socio-Economic Conditions: A Georeferenced Map of Africa (Cappelli, F., Costantini, V., Lelo, K., Paglialunga, E., and Sforna, G.)
    Urban Morphology and PM10 Concentration in European Cities: An Empirical Assessment (Pareglio, S., Guastella, G., and Cappelli, F.)


  • Elena Grimaccia
    Use of self-perceived measures to evaluate food insecurity worldwide”
    Convegno AIQUAV Qualità della vita e sostenibilità, Firenze, Dicembre 2017.
  • Giuliano Resce
    University of Calabria, Department of Economics, Statistics and Finance “Giovanni Anania”, 19 – 21 Ottobre 2017
    Is the Grass Always Greener on the Other Side? Composite Index of Well-Being Taking into Account the Local Relative Appreciations in OECD (Greco, S., Ishizaka, A., Resce, G., and Torrisi, G.)
    Mezzogiorno/Mezzogiorni: multiple trajectories and multiple equilibria.
  • 11 – 12 maggio 2017

PROMETHEE R Package e Improving the accuracy of hotel ratings in with PROMETHEE
PROMETHEE Days 2017. Portsmouth Business School, University of Portsmouth, UK.


  • Nicola Caravaggio
    28° annual EAEPE Conference: Industrialisation, socio-economic transformation and Institutions. Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, United Kingdom, 4 Novembre 2016
    The challenge of hydro-power as a sustainable development alternative: Benefits and controversial effects in the case of the Brazilian Amazon (Caravaggio, N., Costantini, V., Iorio, M., Monni, S. and Paglialunga, E.)
  • Giuliano Resce
    4th Workshop on the Efficiency in Education. Politecnico di Milano, School of Management, Milan, 20 – 21 ottobre 2016.
    How does Economic, Social and Cultural Status affect the efficiency of educational attainments? A comparative analysis on PISA results
  • Luigi Salvati
    INET Plenary: Piecing Together a Paradigm. Budapest, Hungary, 20 Ottobre 2016
    Theoretical Shortcomings of the Neo-Kaleckian Investment Function


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