Human Development and Food Security

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In recent years, the actors involved in the fight against poverty have become increasingly aware of the effects of their actions. The concept of human development broadens the horizons of economic development and represents a new target for policies and actions on a local and global scale. It challenges the established paradigms of income growth, top-down democratization and cultural homogenization.
The challenge of applying the human development paradigm to action on a local and global scale is one of the greatest challenges of the new millennium. The main objective is to combat widespread poverty in countries belonging to different geographical and economic areas of the world.

Although development opportunities are important, they must be accessible to everyone in a process of global social and economic growth. Action must focus on the most vulnerable categories in order to create concrete ways of escaping from perverse mechanisms such as poverty traps.

The 1st level Master in Human Development and Food Security intends to take up this challenge. It aims to understand the local reasons for poverty and its global roots and to include the poor in this process by adopting in-depth methods of research and analysis at the local level. It will also emphasize the importance of food security as a way out of the traps of chronic poverty.

Some of the skills that the Master in Human Development and Food Security aims to develop, through a challenging post-graduate interdisciplinary path, are the ability to create development strategies from the bottom up, to distinguish means and ends from a perspective of human development without neglecting the priorities in the social, economic, cultural, and environmental reality in which we operate, the awareness of treating populations and cultures in the same way without discrimination for effective participation in local communities, and the responsibility to ensure that the approach used is not conditioned by any ideology.

Specific training objectives of the course

The Master aims to provide post-graduate specialist training in food security and human development. The training process involves the acquisition of high theoretical and practical skills in the field of applied statistical analysis, research methods, development economics, rural development, food security, and human development.
The master aims to shape experts in the fight against hunger and in the fight against poverty.

Employment opportunities

The master was created in order to satisfy the strong need to train professionals with specialized technical skills, through collaboration between the university and governmental and non-governmental organizations operating in the field of international development cooperation. Those who obtain the master’s degree will be awarded the title of ‘Expert in Food Security and Human Development,’ a figure in great demand in international institutions, governmental agencies, and in various sectors of civil society.

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Didactic Coordinator: Samantha Nunziati

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SAMANTHA NUNZIATI 17 February 2022