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The admissions notice is published on the Roma Tre website on the Link identifier #identifier__131785-1Notice of Admissions page. More information is available in the Link identifier #identifier__51837-2rules and regulations of the master. The following content contains other important information.

Application procedures and times

The Master in Human Development and Food Security is organized on a 12-month basis starting from the beginning of September. For the 2022-2023 academic year, the complete application dossier must be sent through the appropriate online form no later than April 30th, 2022.

Minimum Requirements:

In order for your application to be considered, you must be in possession of:

  • Bachelor’s degree – or equivalent university degree – of at least three years.
  • Proven knowledge of the English language, by attaching a language certificate to the application file. This requirement does not apply to native English speakers or those who have received certified training in English or who have worked in English for at least 2 years. Candidates who plan to obtain a language certificate by July 30th, 2022 (at the latest) can still apply for conditional admission.
  • Basic knowledge of Office package or similar

The admission decision is made by the master’s board on the basis of the candidates’ dossier, their academic results, motivation, and work experience (where relevant). All candidates who have submitted their application will be informed by the end of June 2022 of the outcome of the selection. Once admitted to the Master, students must complete the administrative registration procedure by July 30th, 2022, with the payment of the first fee by September 22th, 2022.

All registration procedures must be carried out through GOMP, the institutional platform. For more information, please read the Link identifier #identifier__88930-3rules and regulations of the master, the Link identifier #identifier__48038-4Notice of Admissions , and the Link identifier #identifier__52570-5FAQ section.

Tuition Fees

Total amount First



Installment deadline

Installment deadline
6,000.00 € 3,000.00 € 3,000.00 €
September 22th 2022
Febraury 28th 2023
At the time of the first installment, registration fees are added for duty taxes (€16.62) and for the contribution to the diploma certificate (€25.00) for a total of €41.62. These are added to the first installment without exceptions. Registration fees are not refunded in the event of voluntary renunciation, or in the event of non-completion of the documentation required for enrollment in the course.


Each year, the Master HDFS offers scholarships based on academic merit and financial situation. If you receive a scholarship you will be appointed as a “tutor.” This position is intended for prominent students who wish to serve as classroom assistants during the teaching activities of the master and is intended to increase the ethnic and national diversity of the University. Scholarships are awarded according to the following criteria:

  • Merit
  • Personal motivation
  • Income: The student with the lowest income will have the best chance of obtaining the scholarship. To assess this criterion, information, documents and certificates are requested on the balance sheet of the candidate and the relative family unit.

Female candidates and qualified candidates from developing countries are particularly encouraged to apply. These scholarships can either fully cover the enrollment fee for the Master, or they can cover half the costs of the Master (in this case, the student will benefit from a 50% scholarship in which part time tutoring will correspond). The scholarship does not exempt recipients from the University fees (€41.62).

Link identifier #identifier__166868-6Scholarship online application form.

Applicants applying for scholarships must submit the scholarship application form along with their application file by May 31st, 2021. Please note that scholarships do not cover personal expenses such as accommodation, travel, books, or other expenses.

Other opportunities for financial support:

Students who benefit from scholarships outside of the master’s scholarship must still pay the full enrollment fee for the master. Non-Italian candidates can apply for a scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Candidates must apply for these scholarships directly through the Embassy of Italy in their home country by April 2022.

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