Working Papers List


      • Nicola Caravaggio, Cristina Vaquero-Piñeiro
        Are Geographical Indications contributing to sustainability? The case of coffee industry and deforestation in Colombia
        Link identifier #identifier__138341-1WP 278
      • Federica Lanterna
        Reforming energy excise duties: a possible balance between environmental and redistributive objectives
        Link identifier #identifier__12337-2WP 277
      • Luca Spinesi
        Green policy and diversity of consumers’’ environmental intentions and behavior
        Link identifier #identifier__166783-3WP 276
      • Marco Sforza
        Are digital technologies reshaping trade patterns? Evidence from European industries
        Link identifier #identifier__184246-4WP 275
      • Leonardo Becchetti, Gianluigi Conzo, Francesco Salustri
        What about the others? Conditional cooperation, climate change perception and ecological actions
        Link identifier #identifier__36828-5WP 274


      • Sascha Keil
        Vertically integrated unit labour cost and the competition for manufactoring value added in Europe
        Link identifier #identifier__70997-6WP 273
      • Stefania Fontana, Giorgio D’Agostino
        Anti-mafia policies and public goods in Italy
        Link identifier #identifier__62345-7WP 272
      • Enrico Marvasi
        Global Value Chain resilience and reshoring during Covid-19: challenges in a post-covid world
        Link identifier #identifier__113749-8WP 271
      • Giuseppe Ciccarone, Francesco Giuli, Enrico Marchetti, Valeria Patella and Massimiliano Tancioni
        Undesired monetary policy effects in a bubbly economy
        Link identifier #identifier__149567-9WP 270
      • Riccardo Zolea
        A Functional Analysis of the Banking Industry
        Link identifier #identifier__57274-10WP 269
      • Luca Buzzanca, Caterina Conigliani, Valeria Costantini
        Conflicts and natural disasters as drivers of forced migrations in a gravity-type approach
        Link identifier #identifier__105955-11WP 268
      • Stefano Castaldo, Mario Tirelli
        Subjective Income Risk and Precautionary Saving
        Link identifier #identifier__158173-12WP 267
      • Federica Lanterna, Paolo Liberati
        Using the Value Added Tax for Redistributive Purposes in Italy: Is it Still Worth?
        Link identifier #identifier__46865-13WP 266


      • Nicola Caravaggio, Giovanni Carnazza
        The Italian nominal interest rate conundrum: a problem of growth or public finance?
        Link identifier #identifier__173920-14WP 265
      • Giovanni Scarano
        Marx’s Rate of Profit and the Theory of Labour Values as Conservation Law
        Link identifier #identifier__164818-15WP 264
      • Giovanni Carnazza, Paolo Liberati, Giuliano Resce
        Income-related inequality in smoking habits: A comparative assessment in the European Union
        Link identifier #identifier__149637-16WP 263
      • Maria Chiara Cucciniello, Matteo Deleidi, Enrico Sergio Levrero
        The cost channel of monetary policy: the case of the United States in the period 1959-2018
        Link identifier #identifier__148982-17WP 262
      • Sascha Keil
        The challenging estimation of trade elasticities: Tackling the inconclusive Eurozone evidence
        Link identifier #identifier__167143-18WP 261
      • Giuseppe Ciccarone, Francesco Giuli, Enrico Marchetti
        COVID-19 epidemic and generational welfare
        Link identifier #identifier__15233-19WP 260
      • Adrián Rial
        Does the expansion of the service sector slow down productivity growth? An empirical assessment across eight developed economies
        Link identifier #identifier__178740-20WP 259


      • Sara Vicari, Cécile Berranger,  Federica Rinaldi
        Investing responsibly in agriculture through smallholder cooperatives: insights from Uganda
        Link identifier #identifier__194871-21WP 258
      • Andrea Filippetti,  Antonio Vezzani
        The Political Economy of Public Research – or Why some Governments Commit to Reseach more that Others
        Link identifier #identifier__147862-22WP 257
      • Giovanni Scarano
        Finacialisation Of Non-Financial Corporations And Effective Demand: An Analysis Framework
        Link identifier #identifier__148392-23WP 256
      • Giovanni Scarano
        Financial Globalization Effects On Investment Decisions And Financialization Of Big Corporations
        Link identifier #identifier__80943-24WP 255 
      • Saverio M. Fratini
        Interest, profit and saving in Arrow-Debreu equilibrium models
        Link identifier #identifier__124875-25WP 254
      • Cristina Vaquero-Piñeiro
        Territorial identity as a facilitator of the EU funds absorption: evidence from the Common Agricultural Policy
        Link identifier #identifier__150746-26WP 253
      • Serenella Caravella – Francesco Crespi
        The role of public procurement as innovation lever: evidence from Italian manufacturing firms
        Link identifier #identifier__157311-27WP 252
      • Cristina Vaquero-Piñeiro
        A voyage in the role of territory: are territories capable of instilling their peculiarities in local production systems?
        Link identifier #identifier__142697-28WP 251 
      • Philip Dawid , Julia Mortera
        Probability Forecasts and Prediction Markets
        Link identifier #identifier__69777-29WP 250


      • Luca Spinesi,  Mario Tirelli
        R&D financing and growth
        Link identifier #identifier__113514-30WP 249
      • Matteo Deleidi, Mariana Mazzucato
        Mission-oriented innovation policies: a theoretical and empirical assessment for the US economy
        Link identifier #identifier__170945-31WP 248
      • Matteo Deleidi , Francesca Iafrate, Enrico Sergio Levrero
        Public investment fiscal multipliers: an empirical assessment for European countries
        Link identifier #identifier__8126-32WP 247
      • Pierfederico Asdrubali, Simone Tedeschi, Luigi Ventura
        Consumption smoothing channels within and between households
        Link identifier #identifier__125843-33WP 246
      • Stefano Di Bucchianico
        A critical analysis of the secular stagnation theory
        Link identifier #identifier__137736-34WP 245
      • Giorgio d’Agostino , Luca Pieroni, Margherita Scarlato
        Further evidence of the relationship between social transfers and income inequality in OECD countries
        Link identifier #identifier__192363-35WP 244
      • Giovanni Scarano
        Capital accumulation and corporate portfolio choice between liquidity holdings and financialisation
        Link identifier #identifier__162662-36WP 243


      • Fabrizio Antenucci
        China Syndrome Or Not? Labour Market Effects Of A Greater Trade Openness In Us Manufacturing
        Link identifier #identifier__8742-37WP 242
      • Giovanni Scarano
        From long-term growth to secular stagnation: a theoretical comparison between regulation theory, marxist approached and present mainstream interpretations
        Link identifier #identifier__54716-38WP 241
      • Daniela Marella – Paola Vicard
        PC complex: PC algorithm for complex survey data
        Link identifier #identifier__76419-39WP 240
      • Matteo Deleidi, Walter Paternesi Meloni, Antonella Stirati
        Structural change, labour productivity and the Kaldor-Verdoon law: evidence from European countries
        Link identifier #identifier__158301-40WP 239
      • Alessandro Antimiani – Ilaria Fusacchia – Luca Salvatici
        Value added trade restrictiveness indexes. Measuring protection within global value chains
        Link identifier #identifier__111982-41WP 238
      • Francesco Crespi, Paolo Liberati, Massimo Paradiso, Antonio Scialà, Simone Tedeschi
        Smokers are different: the heterogeneity of smokers’ responses to price increases
        Link identifier #identifier__182366-42WP 237
      • Massimiliano Corradini – Valeria Costantini – Anil Markandya Elena Paglialunga – Giorgia Sforna
        Some reflections on policy mix in the EU low-carbon strategy
        WP 236
      • Daria Pignalosa
        The role of the utility function in the estimation of preference parameters
        Link identifier #identifier__116482-43WP 235
      • Valeria Costantini – Francesco Crespi – Elena Paglialunga
        Capital-energy substitutability in manufacturing sectors: methodological and policy implications
        Link identifier #identifier__158839-44WP 234
      • Giovanni Scarano
        The dialectical view of real and financial crises in Marx’s thought
        Link identifier #identifier__156295-45WP 233
      • Andrea Baldini – Marco Causi
        Determinants of loan and bad loan dynamics: evidence from Italy
        Link identifier #identifier__81309-46WP 232


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