Seminario "The Human Face of Naturalism"

Sofia Miguens (Universidade do Porto)

The Human Face of Naturalism - Putnam and Diamond on religious belief and the ‘gulfs between us’

Quando: 30 aprile 2021, ore 17
Dove: Il seminario si terrà su Zoom a questo Link identifier #identifier__126051-1link, ID meeting: 950 6540 6997 Passcode: 674726


Hilary Putnam and Cora Diamond both wrote on Wittgenstein’s Three Lectures on Religious Belief. They did it quite differently; my ultimate aim in this talk is to explore such difference. Putnam’s view of religion is largely a view of ethical life; I look thus into his writings on ethics and his proposals to face the relativist menace therein. Still, in his incursions into philosophy of religion, describing religious experience through authors such as Rosenzweig, Buber, or Levinas, Putnam deals with what Diamond calls, after Wittgenstein, ‘the gulfs between us’. Such gulfs, and the threat of relativism they bring, need to be accounted for. With that purpose in mind I complement Putnam’s reading of the Three Lectures with Diamond’s own reading.

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